Embracing natural waves after a decade

Little back story

She always had the in-between hair type not straight enough to be called straight and not wavy enough. Whatever wave her hair had was almost always overshadowed by some show-stealing frizz, dry texture and it wasn’t obviously a curl. She straightened her locks with clothing iron(Yaaas been there, done that)


After a hair smoothening/ straightening treatment.

Around 2009, chopping her hair in layers was a revelation. It made her hair so curly and wavy! She learned about the use of mousse and twisted hair with her fingers to create ringlets and that worked like magic! But of course, she wanted straight hair like everyone else. She straightened it once and regretted forever. She never used conditioner because she believed it would weigh her fine hair down, the only thing weighing her down was the pressure to blend in. 

March 2019 

Mango sticky rice and my lifeless hair

Finally, when her hair was breathing she decided she needed a little “change” in life, she could’ve done anything, cut bangs, get a bandana but no she wanted to color her hair. And there she made the second mistake. After bleaching and coloring, her hair was screaming for help. The chemicals ruined her beautiful wave pattern, she was left with dull, lifeless hair. Along with her hair, down the drain went her dreams and money (just being dramatic 😅 but the hair color was expensive AF😭 ) It hurt deeply.

After researching hours on YouTube about “how to get heatless curls” (humans humaansss, they want what they can’t have or once they had if they hadn’t chemically crippled their hair) Used this method of twisting hair with a scarf then slept on it. She would wake up in the morning and Bam! Curls! But little did she know about the amount of breakage it would cause. She did it for almost 6 months and oh boy it was bad. The final mistake.


10 years of frying, chemically bleaching, and stressing the fuck out of my waves I am here in this journey to finally embrace my natural hair. 

With Curly Girl Method(CGM) I’ve been able to reverse and repair over a decade of hair damage and get my waves/curls back in 5 months! Which I honestly didn’t think was possible because of how damaged it was. I’ve become obsessed with waves and curls – I’ve started a blog, made new friends, found an incredibly supportive community, and learned so much! I can’t wait to see where this curly journey takes me over the next year and years to come.

Thanks to this curly goddess @curlsinitiative.nepal (she’s on Instagram) for encouraging me to start documenting my journey. She says “People with wavy hair don’t know their potential, you could change that” She’s incredible please show her some love 💕

Also, @curlyhairnepal has some great tips and tricks for your beautiful curls.

This is a journey for a lifetime and I am not looking back 🙂

Cheers to Humble beginnings!

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